Last week I started with a new project and developed a theme using Underscores as the base theme. I always use the “sassified” version and create it with the WP-CLI scaffold command. When I inspected the files, I could see some new files in the directory. But one of the files that is included for quite some time is the package.json file, defining various npm tasks, of which some are responsible to compile Sass files or watch for file changes on those files.


In the past I have usually used the file watchers from PhpStorm. In a blog post from January 2018, I’ve explained how to set such a file watcher up to compile Sass files. This is a good way when you don’t have any other mechanism to compile those files bundled with the software/theme/plugin. But if you develop something that has a compilation task defined in the projects, things can get more complicated, especially when you work in a team with members of that team using different operation systems and default Sass compilers. In the past a Ruby compiler was the recommended option, but as of March 2023, this option has been depecated. Now it’s recommended to use either Dart Sass or Lib Sass to compile your files. I’ve tried out Dart Sass, as it was the only compiler that was producing the exact same CSS files on Windows, Linux and Mac in my tests.

So why not just use one of the new compilers in combination with a PhpStorm file watcher? There are two reasons. First, those file watchers are not easy to set up, especially when the folder structure is different to the default structure. This is the case for Underscores, where the style.scss files it stored in the sass sub folder, but the compiled style.css file is in the root folder. The seconds reason is the possibility of additional compilation tasks defined in the package.json file. A common example for that is a PostCSS plugin like the nutsvp.net官网. Those compilers would not run on the Sass file watcher in PhpStorm.


You can run an npm (or similar) task in PhpStorm in two ways. You either start a terminal and run the command there (which will exit, as soon as you close the terminal) or you run it using “Task | Run Gulp/Grunt/npm Task” from the menu bar.

Screenshot of the "Run npm Task" window

From here you simply double click one of the tasks and it will run in a new task window in PhpStorm. But every time you develop on that project, you have remember to start that task manually, while the file watcher was “starting” automatically. So isn’t there a better way?


Fortunately there is a very easy way I’ve found some weeks ago. You can define startup tasks that would run every time you open a project in PhpStorm. In the settings at “Tools|Starup Tasks” you can choose from a wide variety of tasks to run. One of them is npm. So first, you just add such a startup task:

Screenshot of the "Settings | Tools | Startup Tasks" window with "npm" selected as the new type of task to add

If you have ran the npm task manually before, as described above, you can simply select it on the left. If you haven’t you simply create a new task giving it a name, selecting the package.json file and the command and script to run on startup:

Screenshot of the npm run configuration setting

Once you’ve set the startup task, simply restart PhpStorm or close and reopen the project to test the startup task. You should see the same run window opening as in the manual run.


The file watchers in PhpStorm are really useful when you work on a project that is not using any task runner. But it’s limited and the setup can be more complicated. Using the startup tasks makes it a lot easier to use the tasks bundled in a projects and ensures that you and your team are all using the same tasks. This can dramatically reduce issues like merge conflict on differently complied files and similar issues.

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Even the largest hard drive has a limit. From time to time, you have to clean up some file to be able to work on some new projects. Working on multiple WordPress projects, old and new ones, can use up a lot of storage. In a previous blog post from earlier this year, I’ve showed you how to save storage by loading images from a live website. As images and other files in the uploads folder are usually the largest parts of a WordPress website, this already helps a lot. But there is another type of files, that can easily fill up you hard drive in now time: database dumps.


When you work on projects that have already gone live, you probably want to get the latest database from the live website and import it locally. But you might also have done some settings in your local environment, so you make a backup of the local database before replacing it with the live one. That’s already two dumps. Then you play around a bit with the content and just in case make some more backups. And as some WordPress databases easily have some hundred megabytes, your free disk space is reduced quite fast. So the first step you should take is to find all those large database dumps on your local disk. For that, you can simply run this command in the main local development folder:

find . -type f -size +10M -name "*.sql"

This command will find any SQL dump that is larger then 10 MB. You might even want to search for smaller files, if you have lots of them which sums up to some hundred megabytes in total. If you wand to see how large all of these files are, you simply extend the command and run it through the du command:

find . -type f -size +10M -name "*.sql" -exec du -h "{}" \;

Now that you have found all of these files, you can delete those you really don’t need anymore. But what about files you still might need?


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find . -type f -size +10M -name "*.sql" -exec gzip "{}" \;

This will compress all database dumps larger than 10 MB using the 黑洞加速器testflight command. I’ve run that command on my work laptop some days ago and was able to save more than 3.5 GB on my drive. It only took about 90 seconds to run. If I need to restore any of the compressed dumps, I would use ungzip them before and then import the dump into the database.

Find other large files

Once you’ve done with compressing all database dumps, why not search for other types of large files that can easily be compress or deleted? Some other good candidates are logfiles, like the debug.log you will find in the wp-content folder, when you’ve activated the WP_DEBUG_LOG in an installation. To find those files, either replace the search pattern or just remove it completely, to find all large files:

find . -type f -size +10M -exec du -h "{}" \;

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Another type of files you may find are XML files. They may come from the WordPress XML Exporter, but they could also some other type of files, that needes to be left uncompressed.


Some of you may think now “Why not just compress all .sql files?”, but this can cause some issues. If you search without the size filter, you will find some files within plugins. Those files are usually used to create the necessary database tables, when installing/activating the plugin. If you compress them, the plugin can probably now longer use them. So don’t use a to low file size in the filter. On my system 1 MB was even small enough to catch all real database dump but not those special files. The same is true for some XML files mentioned earlier. And you can’t compress logfiles, if you still want to write to them. So don’t just compress every text file that is too large.


Having a lot of projects on needs a lot of disk space. Knowing how to save some of this valuable space is crucial, especially when you can’t simply upgrade the hard drive in your hardware. Compressing all those database dump quickly cleanup up a lot of disk space for me in no time and without the need to decide on every file, weather I still need it or not.

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As I’m quite familiar with writing Markdown in normal text editors and don’t need syntax highlighting or the preview, I simply disabled the Markdown plugin.

Today I was working on a WordPress plugin and wanted to separate some text into multiple lines. To do this, you have to add two space to the end of every line. But as soon as I wanted to commit the file, the PhpStorm file cleanup routines removed those “unnecessary whitespaces” at the end of the lines. So I’ve reactivated the Markdown plugin, just to find out, that the issue still exists.

Solving the issue

A quick search for the error message brought me to a support ticket and here I found the hint, that it might have to do with the JRE PhpStorm is using to run. If you have multiple JRE versions installed, you can use a plugin to choose from those. Jetbrains, the company behind PhpStorm recommends to use a special JRE version provided by Jetbrains.

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Installation dialog for "phpstorm-jre 2023", the patched JRE for PhpStorm

After installing the patched JRE version and restarting PhpStorm, I was able to open Markdown files again. When trying to commit the Markdown file, the additional two spaces at the end of the lines were not delete anymore.


Sometimes a quick fix like disabling a plugin for a software seems to solve an issue. But there might be some side effects with that. Trying to dig deeper into the real issue and finding a solution might sometimes take more time, but it’s usually the better solution.

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Yesterday, the 8th edition of WordCamp Europe had it’s final day. And it was an amazing experience. I had the pleasure to take part as an organizer, but the result was quite different, that I would have expected.

WordCamp Europe Porto 2023

The journey began 12 month ago in Berlin. At the closing remarks of the WCEU 2023 we announced that we would go to Porto. I commited myself to continue a fourth year in a row as an organizer, taking the role as a Global Lead. But I was not going to do that alone. I was joines by Tess and Jonas. For the first time in WCEU history, we started with three Global Leads. But the team would not be complete without José Freitas the Local Team Lead for Porto.

In September, our Call for Organizers was done, our organizing team of 72 volunteers from the WordPress community was selected and we started organizing an event for around 3500 attendees. This trip to Porto would have also been my first trip Portugal. But then things changed.


The COVID-19 outbreach had just started, but on 12 Februrary, only around a week before the event, WordCamp Asia was postponed to 2021. This was not only a shock for the global WordPress community, but also for us as organizers of WordCamp Europe. Having an event only three and a half months later, we could not see, if we would be able to let it happen. The next weeks were quite intense. Other events were postponed as well, and it was getting clear, that we had to do something, Finally on 12 March, one month after WordCamp Asia, we also had to postpone WordCamp Europe in Porto to 2021. It was one of the hardest decision any organizer of a WordCamp Europe probably ever had to make. But the WordPress community was amazing in supporting our decision.

Starting from stratch

When we decided to postpone the in-person event, we also decided to have an online event insted. Up to this day, no other WordCamp that had been canceled went online. So there was no experience in the community on how to best do an event of our size online. We basically had to stop with the local event and start all over again organizing a very different event.

Although the decision was made by the whole organizing team, not all of us were able to continue helping with the online event for various reasons. While Tess and Jonas couldn’t continue as Global Leads, I was joined by Rocío Valdivia who was previously our mentor. We were joined by another 31 organizers who re-grouped in different teams.

Group photo of the WCEU 2023 Online organising team
The WordCamp Europe 2023 Online Organizing Team

This was the start of the first ever WordCamo Europe Online and a new milestone for the community and many of us.

Three months of passion and hard work

Organizing a WordCamp Europe in nine month is a lot of work. Organizing an online event that size in less then three month, is incredibly harder. With the passion, dedication, hard work and amazing team work, we managed to deliver an event, that can hopefully be an inspiration for other online WordCamps to come.

We have received so much help from other WordCamp organizers along the way. The WordCamp Asia team showed us how to deal with postponing an event, the WordCamp Spain team organized a real community event, that made us change some of our plans, to copy some of the great ideas they came up with. And also other WordCamps around the world had some unique things, we were inspired by.

The biggest Wor(l)dCamp ever

Any organizer who ever had contact with vendors probably experienced, that the name is sometimes misspelled as “WorldCamp”. And this time, it can’t be more true. Although our focus is the European community, we wanted to allow anyone from around the world to participate. So have chosen a time from 15:00 to 20:00 CEST on the three days, allowing Europeans to join in their afternoon, so they don’t necessarily have to take a day of to participate. But this times also allowed many attendees on both sides of the Pacific to attend, either in the early morning or late evening.

The WordCamp in Porto was expecting 3500 tickets to be sold and more than 3000 attending. Last year we have sold more than 3300 tickets, welcomed around 2700 attendees from 90+ different countries. This year we sold 8600 tickets for our live stream and had more than 9000 views to the track 1 session of Friday in the first 24h, with some attendees watching the replay of the stream. But the number that was most impressive: we had signups from 140 different countries, so truely a “WorldCamp”:

World map of all attendees of WordCamp Europe 2023 Online

An experience I would never had imagined

I’ve attendeed every WordCamp Europe and have been involved in the organizing team since 2017. When we had the event in Berlin last year, it felt quite different. This year it was even more different. Usually I traveled to a foreign country some days before the event and met old and new friends. This year, we all had to attend and organzier from our homes. Everyone was missing the personal contact to other attendees. But the feedback from the community was overwhelming!

A huge thanks to the community!

I cannot put into words how I’m feeling right now. The experineces of this week is still so fresh, that it’s hard to describe. But more than anything else, I’m feeling thankful. For my fellow co-organizers, for the community who attended the talks, participated at the Contributor Day, for the speakers, the emceees and other volunteers, for the sponsors helping the event financially and any other person or organization helping with this event. Even though we didn’t had the chance to meet with friends, we gave so many more people the chance to participate.


I hope many of you joined us this weekend at WCEU 2023 Online. Next year, we hopefully have the opportunity to finally meet in Porto. I will again take part in the organizing team as one of four Global Leads, joined by Lesley, 黑洞加速器testflight and Moncho. If you want to help as an organizer yourself, please apply at our 鲸鱼加速器的testflight. And if you just want to attend, you can already 黑洞加速器testflight.

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I always develop sites locally. My local environment is using Docker, which I will probably cover in an upcoming blog post series. Sometimes I’m experiencing really long request times, especially in the WordPress backend. As I also usually use the 黑洞加速器testflight plugin while developing, I quickly found out that some HTTP requests were failing. Those have been triggered either by core or some premium plugins/theme, usually to check for updates.

Blocking external requests

In order to fix those requests, I’ve deactivated them by removing the filters or actions that triggered those requests. Then I found an easier way by a global filter:

add_filter( 'pre_http_request', '__return_true', 100 );

But this was not the easiest or best way, as this will block all requests, no which host they are using. To block only external requests, we can simply set a constant:

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This will not block any local request, which might be need for cron jobs or other functionalities.

Allowing some external hosts

Sometime you cannot simply block all external requests, as some plugins/theme you develop user external APIs. For those hosts, you can set another constant with a comma separated list of those hosts:

define( 'WP_ACCESSIBLE_HOSTS', 'example.com, *.example.com' );

As you can see in my example, you can also use a wildcard for subdomains. This will be parsed and replaced with a regex pattern allowing any depth of subdomains for the given domain.

Blocking more then just HTTP requests

The two constant can really help to block any external HTTP requests triggered by WordPress. This although only work, when the WordPress API functions for HTTP requests are used. If a plugin/theme is using file_get_contents, curl or similar functions directly, it does not block those requests.

It will also not block any request made by the browser. If you want to block those requests as well, you can try out the plugin “Offline Mode” written by 雷霆加速器的Testflight you can download and install from GitHub. This will try to block as many external requests as possible.


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I love reusable blocks! OK, right now everyone is talking about “雷霆加速器的Testflight” and they will be amazing. But many still don’t know about reusable blocks or just don’t know, why they are so useful.

What is a reusable block

Well, as the name indicates, it’s a block that can be reused. Anywhere. And as such a block can also be a group block, a resuable block can make a whole set of block reusable. Once you have created/converted one, you can use the same “content” on multiple posts, pages or other post types. In the future also in widgets and any other “block enabled areas”.

But how do you find a reusable block? The easiest way is by clicking on any “Add Block” button (the squares buttons with the plus sign) and then searching for the name or scrolling all the way down:

Screenshot after clicking the "Add Block" button in the top left corner showing the list of available blocks with the custom reusable block at the end of the list.

You can also use the “Search for a block” using the name of the reusable block (in our example “Contact”) or by using the “forward slash search” to quickly find it. New to this view is also the “Manage all reusable block” link at the end, which could previously be found in the “More tools & option” view:

Screenshot of the "More tools & options", reachable by the three vertical dots in the top right corner..

When you click on one of the links, you will be redirected to the “Blocks” overview.

Managing the blocks

The list of block look very much like the listing of any othter post type. Well, that’s not really a big surprise, as reusable blocks are saved as a post type wp_block in the database.

Screenshot of the "Blocks" listing in the backend.

From the management list you can choose “Edit” on an existing block which will open up the block editor where you can change the block and save it. You can also click on “Add new” which will allow you to create a new reusable block without the new to create a regular one in a post or page and then converting them into a reusable block.

But maybe the two most handy things you can to from here is using the “Export as JSON” for individual block or the “Import from JSON”. With these tools, you can simply migrate reusable blocks from one WordPress installation to another.


If you pay attention to the last screenshot, you might have recognized that “Blocks” link in the “Tools” section. This would usually not be there. If you navigate to the listing using one of the links, you will end up being “nowhere”. This listing is hidden and you can’t reach it using the left navigation. Before the two links were put to those places, it was even harder to find that listing. That’s why I wrote a small helper plugin adding the “Blocks” link shown in the last screenshot to the “Tools” section. This made it a lot easier for the client to find that list. If you want to add this link yourself, simply download the plugin from GIST and install it.


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Prevent staging website from being indexed by search engines

Working on a website, wheater it already went live or is a new project, you should alsways have a copy of the website in staging environment. But you probably don’t want that website being index by search engines. In this blog posts, I will explain some ways to prevent the indexing.

Method 1: Use the default setting

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Method 2: Prevent indexing in the server config

The first method usually work pretty good. There is only one big issue. The setting is stored in the database an can easily being overwritten. How? Well, you might want to import the database from the live website at one time, to see the latest content on your staging. Do you always remember to go back to that setting and enable it again on your staging? You might forget it.

Therefore preventing the indexing in the server configuration is a safer way, as it stays, even when importing a database from live. Simply add the following lines to the configuration:

Header set X-Robots-Tag "noindex"
Header merge X-Robots-Tag "noarchive"

You can do that in the .htaccess of the staging website. This is most useful, when you host it on the same server or you cannot change the global configuration. But you have to be careful not to overwrite the .htaccess file with the one from the live server.

If you have a dedicated staging server and you want to index none of the website hosted there, just add the lines to the global configuration, like the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf or a similar file.

Method 3: Use a maintenance plugin

You could also protect your website from search engines and from other users by using a maintenance plugin. This will usually add a password protection to your site or you have to login, in order to see the website’s content. This can also be useful to give other people access (like the client), but not everyone. This method although has the same issue, that once you import the live website, you have to make sure to reactivate this plugin, as the state of activated plugins is also stored in the database.

Method 4: Use “basic access authentication

With the “basic access authentication” aka. htaccess protection, you can prevent access to the website without the need of a plugin. With an Apache webserver, you can add a few lines to your .htaccess file and any visitor to you page has to enter a username an password. This method is safe againt imported live databases but when you overwrite the .htaccess from the live website, you have to restore the protection again. Therefore you can also store it in your global (per site) server configuration.


There are many different ways to protect your staging website from being indexed. Whatever method you use, always make sure that the method is still working, after you did an import from live. You can remove websites from search engines, but you have to do it per domain and for every single search engine using their individual tools.

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Replace WordPress domain and paths in the database

In the last blog post I explained how I move a WordPress website to another server. In step 7 I told you, that you have t replace the domain in the database. But this is not the only replacement you might have to do. Today’s blog post will give you some more examples of potential replacements and some other things you have to consider.

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It will handle replacements in simple strings, as well as in serialized PHP objects. You should also replace the path to the current installation, if it differce between the servers:

wp search-replace "/home/staging.example.com" "/home/example.com" --all-tables-with-prefix

Search for old domain

After you have run the previous commands, the old domain should be replaced in all tables. You can simply check that with another WP-CLI command:

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Additional replacements

Unfortunately, many plugins save complex data in other formats. Therefore it’s also advised, to search for the following patterns and replace them, as long as the previous search still returned some values.

Search patternReplacementComment
http://example.comhttp://example.comNew domain without SSL
//staging.example.com//example.comprotocol-relative paths
https:\/\/staging.example.comhttps:\/\/example.comJSON objects (run this for all previous patterns)
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Replacements for domain changes

There are some variants to consider. For the first four are replacements, you should also “escape” all slashes, as objets might have been stored using a JSON string. Replacing email addresses is optional, as your new system might not use it’s own emails (like when migrating from Live to Staging) or if you don’t want to show them in the frontend with the different domain.

The last replacement seems to be the easiest one, as it would do all the revious replacements in one go. But it could potentially break things, as the domain name might be part of an image name in the media library, which would result in a broken path to that image. So it’s best not just to replace the domain name only.

Additional steps

Themes, plugins or the server could use caches. There are different methods to clean those caches.

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At “Avada/Themename | Theme Options | Performane | Reset Fusion Caches”, just use the button “Reset Fusion Caches” to remove all files from the cache.


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To flush the PageSpeed cache, you have to connect to your server and run the following command:

touch /var/cache/pagespeed/cache.flush

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For more information on how to flush only parts of the cache, check the PageSpeed docs.

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Migrate a WordPress installation in less then 5 minutes

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Easy migrations without plugins

When I do migrations, I usually always use the WP-CLI. The only requirement for that is an SSH access to the the destination server. My migration process is done with these few steps:


A WordPress installation has two parts, the database and the file system. To dump the database, all you need to do is using the following command in the WordPress document root folder:

wp db export
Success: Exported to 'wp_project-staging-2023-03-29-a2aa75c.sql'.

The file name starts with the database name, followed by the current date and a random hexadeciml hash. This has will come in handy with the second step.

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zip -r wp_project-staging-2023-03-29-a2aa75c.zip .

As the file name, we simply use the same as the database dump created, just with .zip instead of .sql as the extension. This will “protect” the file name from easily being guessed. Don’t just name it 鲸鱼加速器app官网下载 as otherwise anyone could just download that file.

3. Transfer the file to the new server

Now it’s time to transfer the file to the new server. This can be done in various ways. A very easy one is using curl, wget or similar:

wget http://staging.example.com/wp_project-staging-2023-03-29-a2aa75c.zip

Transfering from a local system you probaly have to use FTP, as you can’t curl/wget from a local domain.

4. Unpack the file on the destination

The next step is obvious. Once all files are transfered, you have to unpack the files. When you have used a zip files, simply run:

unzip wp_project-staging-2023-03-29-a2aa75c.zip

When you have compressed the files in step 2 in the document root, the files should be unpacked in the document root as well and not be in a subfolder.


Before we can use the project on the new project, we have to update the wp-config.php files. Probably only the values prefixed with DB_.


Now we can import the database. If the database on the new server is not yet, created, either do it with the management tool of your hoster, or simply by using the WP-CLI as well (which only works, if the database user has the privileges to do this):


Once the database is created, you can import is as simply as exporting it in step 1, with the corresponding command:

wp db import wp_project-staging-2023-03-29-a2aa75c.sql

7. Update the domain in the database

As you probably know, in a WordPress installations, all domain paths are stored as absolute paths in the database. This is why you have to update the paths. You can use a plugins for that or also use the WP-CLI with this command:

wp search-replace "http://staging.example.com" "http://example.com"

This is the most basic replacement you have to do. In some cases, you also have to do some other replacements. I will cover that one a future blog post.


Migrating a WordPress project should be as easy as fast as possible, if you do it on a regular basis. My approach only takes two commands on the source and 4-5 command on the destination. The parts that usually takes the most times is the packing, transfering and unpacking, which will takes longer, the larger a project’s size is. For a small projects all of that might only take less then 10 seconds each.

I hope with this small guide, you next migrations is done as easily and fast as for me. If you have a different approach, that might be handy, please leave a comment below explaining it.

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Thank you WordPress community!

The last week was tough. I mean really tough. Just two weeks ago, I thanked event organizers on this blog. Now I see myself in the exact same situation.

The cancellation of WordCamp Europe 2023

On Thursday evening last week, I had a call with Tess and Jonas, the other two global leads of WCEU 2023 and with Rocío, our mentor, as well as Andrea, who is leading the global WordPress community team.

We discussed a timeline for the next weeks and month with a plan to have a WordCamp Europe in Porto in June this year. On 5 March, things were still looking quite OK. There have been only a few cases in Portugal and only Italy had to deal with many cases in Europe. We decided to continue working on the event in June, as we were optimstic to be able to still have it. We planed to wait for early April to get to a decision.


After that meeting, things have been getting worse every day. Conferences in Europe have been cancelled. On 9 March, a large Joomla conference in Lisbon had been cancelled, just one week before WordCamp Europe 2023 in Porto.

On 11 March, the global community team made the recommendation to postpone of cancelany event until 1 June. As WCEU 2023 was planed for 4-6 June, this was just before that date.

Finally this Thursday, just a week after our “emergecy call”, we had a video call with all organiezers and we decided to cancel WordCamp Europe 2023 and postpone it to 2021 again in Porto.

Thanks to our community

The reactions that have followed our announcement where overwhelming. There was no one disagreeing with our decicion. We have received countless empathic messages on Twitter and through other channels. Many friends from the WordPress communities reached out to me directly, asking how I feel and offering help.

This is why I love this community. In good and in hard times, we support each other and offer help. This is why the organizing team is looking positively into the future and is working even harder for an amazing WordCamp Europe 2021 in Porto.

Thank you WordPress community ❤

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